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Cybercrime conference in Luxembourg


The first Board Meeting under the Luxembourgish presidency took place at the end of September in Luxembourg city.


Toolbox 6 - Trafficking in human beings within the EU policies & practices


This toolbox was developed in connection with the theme of the Italian presidency, which was the prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings. As usual, the toolbox is primarily written for local policy-makers and practitioners who may be confronted with these issues in their daily work.


Annual Report 2014


The Greek and Italian presidencies undertook the following tasks and actions during their respective presidencies. Read the full Annual Report here.


Work Programme 2015


The Latvian and Luxembourgisch presidencies have respectively chosen for secondary victimisation and cybercrime as there presidency theme. Read their full work programme here.

Upcoming events

2 Dec 2015 to 4 Dec 2015
The Hague

On 2-4 December 2015 Lowlands Solutions Netherlands (LSN) will be presenting a three-day, 24 hours, course on Counterterrorism (CT) and Applied Intelligence at the Park Hotel in The Hague, Netherlands.

3 Dec 2015 to 4 Dec 2015

European conference organised by Efus, in collaboration with the City of Rotterdam and with the financial support of the European Commission.

3 Dec 2015

The Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJP) invites Members of European Parliament, European policy makers, representatives of the EU, Member States and Nongovernmental Organisations to receive an update on the implementation of the three Framework Decisions throughout Europe. The seminar will focus on:

status of implementation
actual use of the Framework Decisions
issues and concerns in the use of the Framework Decisions
future expectations.

The CJP will also use the seminar to provide a short overview of their work in the course of 2015 and the planning for 2016.