What does EUCPN do?

  • Identify good practices & share knowledge and experience gained between member countries
  • Accumulate and evaluate information on crime prevention activities
  • Improve the exchange of ideas and information within the Network
  • Develop contacts and facilitate cooperation between Member States
  • Contribute to developing local and national strategies on crime prevention
  • Promote crime prevention activities by organising meetings, seminars and conferences.

Work Programme

The format for the current EUCPN Work Programme was agreed at the EUCPN Board meeting on 14 July 2005. The emphasis is on having a number of small well managed projects which will deliver clear results within a defined timescale. The Work Programme is not allotted to a specific time span and new projects are added as the need arises.

Seven 'headline' themes have been agreed for the current Work Programme:

  • Crime proofing of legislation
  • Making goods less vulnerable to crime
  • Common methodology to evaluate best practices
  • Inventory of good practices
  • Monitoring Member State crime prevention policies
  • Focus on specific and well-defined types of crime (juvenile, urban, drugs)
  • Professionalising and strengthening the EUCPN

Each of the Work Programme projects falls within one of more of the headline themes, and the Programme itself complies with a set of underlying principles.

The Programme is updated regularly and mainly comprises standard templates describing projects currently in progress and their timescales for delivery.

Information & guidelines

Work Programme 2017

20 March 2017

The present EU Trio Presidency of the Netherlands, Slovakia and Malta had chosen the topic Organized Crime as their overall theme.

The incoming EU Trio Presidency Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria will focus on improving the safety in communities which are targeted by organized crime among other volume crimes.

Annual Report 2016

15 March 2017

The Annual Report 2016 was adopted by the Board on the EUCPN Board meeting in March 2017.

Work Programme 2016

26 January 2016

The EU Trio Presidency of the Netherlands, Slovakia and Malta had chosen the topic ‘Organized Crime’ as their overall theme.

Active work programme projects

Polish project "Senior citizens – beware of the scams!"

13 March 2017


Polish project "Safe Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship"

13 March 2017


Polish project "Volunteers for Kielce"

13 March 2017


Polish project "Safer Together"

10 February 2017


The "Safer Together" programme is to limit the scale of phenomena and behaviours which raise common protest and a sense of danger.

Polish project "Grandma, it's not your grandson ... Be careful."

10 February 2017


Hungarian project "To live prepared as a visually impaired"

10 February 2017


Belgian project "iCoach"

10 February 2017


Belgian project "National action day ‘1 day without’"

10 February 2017


Belgian project "Cost & Impact of Cybercrime in Belgium"

03 March 2016


The project aims to reach an objective, realistic and up to date picture of cybercrime in Belgium and its evolution over time.