Civil society support for refugees and migrants: decriminalising solidarity and providing humanitarian admission

17 May 2017

The event will focus on the response of European civil society to the insecure situation of migrants and refugees trying to reach Europe. The focus will be on two issues: preventing the criminalisation of humanitarian assistance and introducing humanitarian admission programmes. As regards the first, panellists will present cases and testimonies of people and organisations punished for offering help to irregular migrants in need. The second panel will look at current practice and initiatives to promote access to Europe on humanitarian grounds or via resettlement. Participants will share their views on the European legislation in place at present and suggest how both public and private actors can give migrants and refugees in need a helping hand.

Other upcoming events

24 Jul 2017 to 28 Jul 2017

The EFRJ is happy to invite you to participate in its 7th edition of the Summer School, organised in the cluster of St. Abbondio in Como (Italy) in partnership with the University of Insubria.

29 Jul 2017 to 4 Aug 2017

The guiding principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, is that every child has the right to participation and that it should be inclusive for even the most marginalized. CATS 2017 will explore how children all around the world are creating an inclusive world.

13 Sep 2017 to 16 Sep 2017
United Kingdom

The conference will focus on Challenging ‘Crime’ and ‘Crime Control’ in Contemporary Europe.