Next Generation Community Policing Conference

25 Oct 2017 to 27 Oct 2017

The Next Generation Community Policing (NGCP) International Conference is co-organized by eight (8) contributing R&D projects which are funded by the Horizon 2020 SECURITY Program of the European Commission. FCT-14-2014 - Ethical/Societal Dimension Topic 2: Enhancing cooperation between law enforcement agencies and citizens - Community policing and FCT-10 – 2014 - Urban security topic 1: Innovative solutions to counter security challenges connected with large urban environment, as well as funded by FP7 SEC-2013-1.6-4 - Information Exploitation – Integration Project.

Community policing aims at stressing prevention, early identification, timely intervention, as well as better crime reporting, identification of risks, unreported and undiscovered crime. Individual police inspectors are encouraged to spend considerable time and effort in developing and maintaining personal relationships with citizens and different community organizations.

In large urban environments there are various challenges and threats to urban security linked to their big size and large population. New approaches and innovative solutions, including sustainable, affordable and transferrable security technologies, are needed to solicit citizens' engagement to prevent, mitigate and recover from the security challenges and to foster their direct participation in the improvement of the urban security conditions

All participating entities are expected to present innovative approaches for:

  • Strengthened community policing principles through effective and efficient tools, procedures and approaches.
  • Early identification, timely intervention, as well as better crime reporting, identification of risks, unreported and undiscovered crime through the community.
  • Strengthened and accelerated communication between citizens and police forces. Overall, strengthened community feeling and lower feeling of insecurity.
  • Reduce the fear of crime and enhance the perception of security of the inhabitants of large urban environments.
  • Better addressing security challenges in large urban environments.
  • Increase the perception of security of citizens by empowering them, fostering their sense of belonging to a greater community.
  • Facilitating the engagement of citizens to improve the security conditions of smart cities.

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