Second European conference on addictive behaviours and dependencies

24 Oct 2017 to 26 Oct 2017

This event, the second european on addictive behavior and dependencies, is a multidisciplinary conference that provides a forum for networking across the addictions, organized around three general themes: understanding addictions; from evidence to action (which includes a discussion on prevention) and addiction horizons.

This event will occur from 24 October to 26 October 2017, in Lisbon, PORTUGAL.

Other upcoming events

6 Feb 2018

The 2018 theme, "Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you" is a call to action for every stakeholder to play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, in particular the youngest users out there.

21 Mar 2018 to 23 Mar 2018

In these 3-day (24 hours) K9 instructor Masterclasses Twickelerveld Education will focus on both theory and practise with regards to K9 detection dog operations in general and explosive devices and narcotics in particular.

17 Apr 2018

In light of the new commitment of the European Union to adopt new targeted actions to combat the growing challenge of human trafficking, this timely international symposium provides an invaluable opportunity to discuss and analyse effective mechanisms to prevent, address and st