EUCPN Funding

In the framework of the co-operation in the fields of Justice and Home Affairs, and with a view to making the European Union into an area of freedom, security and justice in accordance with article 29 of the Treaty of Amsterdam, the European Commission is actively engaged in encouraging the Member States to join efforts in the area of crime prevention.


Up to the end of 2006 the framework programme adopted to help police, the judiciary and professionals from the EU Member States and candidate countries co-operate in criminal matters and in the fight against crime was the AGIS programme.  This has now been replaced by new programmes in the area of internal security and criminal justice. These programmes are due to run over the period 2007-2013. Under the framework programme "Security and Safeguarding Liberties", there are three new programmes:


Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and Other Security-Related Risks providing support to activities to prevent, prepare for and to protect people and critical infrastructure against terrorist attacks and other security related incidents. The target group is any body playing a role within this arena;


Criminal Justice providing support to the promotion of judicial co-operation and mutual trust. The target group includes the judiciary, legal practitioners and organisations dealing with victims interests;


Prevention of and Fight Against Crime providing support to activities under Title VI (TEU) regarding all types of crime.  The target group comprises public bodies dealing with law enforcement, crime prevention and the protection of victims and witnesses, as well as public and private bodies dealing with related matters.


The procedures for funding actions will be based on an open call for proposals and will include mechanisms similar to those under AGIS, although there is likely to be some flexibility in the conditions, such as the duration of projects and the number of project partners.   For more information please click here.


In addition to the general call for proposals under the open competition for these three programmes the EUCPN has access to specific funding for its work programme under the umbrella of the main programme Prevention of and Fight Against Crime. These special arrangements which would arise from a call for proposals addressed at the competent national authority for crime prevention apply only for activities that are contained within the official EUCPN Work Programme.


Please contact your National Representative for further information about the opportunities for accessing both this funding stream and the EUCPNs own Work Programme Fund.