• Toolbox on High-risk victim groups
    Our toolbox discusses how the victim-centred approach as well as multi-agency cooperation can play a role in preventing secondary victimisation. And it focuses on breaking the cycle of repeat victimisation by encouraging victims’ reporting behaviours, referring them successfully to other support services and assisting them during a potential court trial.
  • How to prevent online fraud
    If we want to design effective crime prevention initiatives, using the available intelligence is key. Our paper puts forward some general concepts and tools to do precisely this.  
  • International campaigns on exotic pet ownership
    This paper lays the foundations for the development and execution of a communication campaign focusing on reducing consumer demand for illegal exotic pets.

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  • Mythbuster - Getting smart on crime with a holistic approach

    Crime is simply too complex for a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we should combine both prevention and repression in a holistic approach that balances both.
  • Mythbuster - Awareness-raising never hurts, does it?

    There is little evidence that awareness in and of itself is able to prompt behavioural change, and consequently, that it can contribute much to crime prevention.
  • Mythbuster - The fight against serious and organised crime: international cooperation or local approaches?

    Local preventionists and police officers, too, have important roles to play in the prevention of, and fight against, organised crime.