"We continue to promote crime prevention knowledge and practices among the EU Member States."




Key Documents

Introduction to the key official EUCPN documents.

Annual Report 2017

07 May 2018

Summary of the actions of the European Crime Prevention Network. The Annual Report 2017 was adopted by the Board in March 2018.

Work Programme 2018

07 May 2018

Every year the European Crime Prevention Network draws up a work programme that defines all the activities the Network is going to complete that year, in order to promote the achievement of the strategic goals. The main focus in 2018 will be on improving the safety in communities which are targeted by organized crime among other volume crimes. The Bulgarian Presidency will be focusingbe focusing until June on the prevention of crimes committed by crime groups in regards of frauds with focus on phone scams. The second part of the year EUCPN will focus on community policing and the involvment of citizens into a collective process to adress security needs and the prevention of crime under the Austrian Presidency.

EUCPN Multiannual Strategy 2016 - 2020

22 February 2016

This Strategy sets out long-term orientations for the European Crime Prevention Network in order to increase its impact and strengthen its role in the field of crime prevention throughout the European Union. The focus between 2016-2020 is facilitating cooperation between actors in the field of crime prevention, improving the Network’s communication strategy and following the EU priorities.

Rules of procedure

03 December 2014

This document defines the structure and the tasks of the European Crime Prevention Network.


30 November 2009

The text of the Council of the European Union that sets up an European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) and repealing Decision 2001/427/JHA.