Campaign against illegal exotic animals

In the context of EMPACT, we developed an awareness raising campaign to reduce consumer demand of illegal exotic animals as pets. 

Europeans are looking in increasing numbers for exotic animals to keep as pets. This is partially facilitated by illicit supply chains of these often endangered animals, as the rarer they are, the more appealing they can be.  Reducing consumer demand is one important avenue to tackle the broader issue of wildlife trafficking, which generates immense profits for criminal networks. The campaign targets what in academic literature is called ‘New Experience seekers’. They are relatively new to exotic pet ownership and relatively inexperienced in keeping pets. Their connection to animals is characterised by its emotional nature. They often had a childhood interest in nature and keeping animals. They are especially impressionable by (social) media to decide which animal they want as a pet.

The participating countries are Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Latvia, New Zealand, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and France. The campaign consists of a short video and webpages on advice for consumers and national legislation.