100% Respect - campaign against bullying and cyberbullying

The fight against (cyber) bullying is multiple if we consider that this phenomenon requires both prevention measures to prevent its emergence but also to be detected when it occurs and finally to be treated.

The project carried out in the city of La Louvière takes into account the entire bullying process by training youth professionals and psycho-pedagogues to detect and fight against (cyber) bullying.

The training allows actors to set up anti-bullying mechanisms such as the creation of regulated discussion areas, where children can speak freely about what they are experiencing and learn to manage their conflicts in a non-violent way, and disciplinary councils. School infrastructure is also subject to modification, particularly in the school playgrounds.

An application for reporting (cyber) bullying situations is offered to school students.

Finally, the anti-bullying process proposed in this project is a global process linking educational, psychological and judicial aspects.


The agreement with the University of Mons covers the period from 1/9/2020 to 30/6/2022 but the project is planned for the long term. The project is therefore still ongoing and will continue to evolve.

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