A centralised Service for Prevention, Assistance and Protection of battered women within the Proximity (Community) Policing and Public Relations Unit

Violence against women is a general problem involving all the countries, independently of their development level and that takes place at any social scale. The international community, specially within the Union European area, has recognised that the problem of violence against women is a violation of the fundamental human rights, and therefore an attack against the victim’s right to life, security, freedom, dignity and psycho-physical integrity and besides means an obstacle for the development of all democratic society.

The considered objectives are the following:

  • To improve preventive actions on ill-treatment against women in domestic environment
  • To progress with the efficiency of the protection measures taken against possible attacks once the facts have been reported and precautionary measures against the abuser have been implemented
  • To get a better response that the already implemented one in this subject from the point of view of immediate attention to the victim by making a personal assignment of prospective victims to each police officer, in such a way that with this performance the role of the Community Police becomes reinforced, as it will exist a permanent interrelation
  • To complete the circle of the initiatives adopted by the NPF (National Police Force) in the field of the fight against domestic violence, by filling the existing gap of the most immediate protection for women that have already been victims of ill-treatment
  • To improve the response to be given by these Institutions to the Government provisions contemplated in the “II Comprehensive Performance Plan against Domestic Violence”
  • To create a confidence climate that allows the encouragement of reporting ill-treatment criminal behaviours against women
  • To foster and develop new prevention and self-protection measures against violence in the family environment
  • To encourage and facilitate the Social Mediator tasks on battered woman care
  • To improve co-ordination at institutional level to reap the benefits of the programs and actions in the preventive area that are being developed in other fields




The project started in 2003 and is still running.
Last review: October 2017.


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