A healthy school and stimulants

A healthy school and stimulants is a preventative project for primary and secondary school children. The project provides information on stimulants, and focuses on the risks, peer pressure and social skills.

Pupils who have participated in this project are prepared for their first confrontation with stimulants. That way, they will be able to make a more conscious choice whether or not they want to try any of these stimulants.

The project comprises five activities at school:
    - Teaching
    - Laying down by-laws on the use of stimulants at school
    - Identifying and counselling pupils with problems due to using stimulants
    - Parent participation
    - Steering committee controlling coherence

Pupils that participated in the project used less tobacco, alcohol and soft drugs than pupils that did not participate. The project also has a positive impact on the knowledge about stimulants, the risks of use and places to go when they are having problems.




The project started in 2005 and is still running.
Last review: August 2008.