ACADEMY OF SAFETY – education for the safety of children, young people and the elderly in Kielce

The project ‘ACADEMY OF SAFETY’ – education for safety of children, young people and senior citizens in Kielce” included the development of workshops on procedures applied in emergency situations and focused on prevention of violence and aggression. Evacuation simulations in educational institutions in the event of a terrorist attack were carried out under the project.

The project involved 10,180 participants, 11 educational institutions and 571 training classes. Safety workshops were addressed to students, teachers, parents, women and senior citizens. They were conducted by the members of the PASSA Association and officers of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Kielce.

The project initiated the cooperation between institutions and services in terms of safety. A platform for exchanging experiences and knowledge between the police and local partners (emergency services, NGOs, educational institutions participating in the project) was developed.

Additionally, the project included free psychologist consultations in educational institutions, art contests and equipping school clubs. 4,000 reflective items were distributed to students.


The project was implemented from 02/10/2017 to 18/12/2017


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