Adam and Eve of the 21st century

Adam and Eve of the 21st century


The project is designed for children 12-15 years of age, focuses on topics most interesting to adolescents. Discussions on topics such as adolescence, relationships, friends, internet, social networks, sex, pornography and others will be held with children openly. These topics are part of young Europeans everyday life. Children think that they already know everything and nothing can surprise them. They live online, "post" and "share" their thoughts, opinions, photographs, "like" contributions of their online friends, send friend requests to people they do not know, but they have a "mutual friend". They visit adult websites without any problems with one click. They bet on who's seen more forbidden things, who has tried them and who will try them. The project aims to ensure they can cope with these events and "problems", enable them to learn the right information distortion-free, to be able to enjoy the benefits of today’s modern world.


Adam and Eve of the 21st century     Adam and Eve of the 21st century


The Project started in September 2014 and is still running.
Last review: December 2015.


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