Addiction Prevention Competition

This initiative seeks to allow students to become players in their own prevention, instead of being listeners of institutional prevention messages. This direction was chosen as messages coming from peers are better perceived. However, this prevention approach is preceded by the intervention of health and prevention professionals, aimed at giving students a better understanding of drug addiction.

Any volunteer teachers can supervise and carry out the project, in joint collaboration with the medico-social team, anti-drug trainers and contributors from CAP, an association for drug addiction prevention.

At the end of this first phase, teachers follow the various steps of the work carried out by groups of 4 students (maximum) to design the pedagogical material on addictive behaviour. It must be illustrated using drawings or photographs and texts. The objective is to create a prevention message by and for young people. Students are free in their choice of content, forms, colours and techniques.

Students whose projects are chosen by the panel of judges are rewarded during an awards ceremony chaired by the Préfet (Prefect) of COLMAR. The chosen pedagogical material is first distributed in the département, then throughout the académie (local education authority). Other projects are chosen for use in itinerant exhibitions in which students’ work is shown in schools, associations or institutional bodies.


Juvenile crime prevention Unit (French gendarmerie),
The anti-drug trainers
Le CAP - Association for prevention and the care with the drug addicts,


The project started in 2001.
Last review: September 2015.


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