Ask for help!

  ECPA medal gold  ECPA 2021 (bullying and violence among minors) - First place




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The main objective of Ask for help! is to raise awareness on the seriousness and extent of bullying behaviour, as well as the harm it can cause towards the victims, perpetrators and bystanders. This project therefore provides four pillars containing various art, pedagogical and educational tools (e.g. professional guided videos, music and drama pedagogy and a peer-to-peer education programme) that help to discuss bullying in all its perspectives and to address attitude formation. Minors often go through challenging social and emotional experiences which is why the project utilises the power of opinion forming to encourage minors to follow positive examples set by their peers. A second aspect of the Ask for help! project are discussion sessions in order to facilitate dialogue between youngsters, teachers and parents. These sessions allow for the development of a peer network that can discuss issues and explore effective anti-bullying responses.

The project is ongoing since 2018.

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