Barrier model for illegal trafficking of firearms

On the EUCPN Board meeting (12-13 April) the Dutch Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety (CCV) presented the barrier model for prevention of illegal trafficking of firearms.

If the form of crime you are tackling comprises a variety of steps, it can be mapped out in a barrier model. The barrier model can help you to understand how a specific type of organized crime works.

When you make a barrier model you trace the route that criminals have taken. During that route, the focus is not on the perpetrator. The focus is on the structures that make organized crime possible.

In the case of illegal trafficking of firearms it describes which parties facilitate this form of crime, what opportunities there are for the criminals, and what signals there are to be picked up to detect something is wrong. It also describes which parties can tackle the illegal trafficking and what barriers they can put up. By barriers we mean interventions.

In 2015 the CCV launched a website ( on which you can make a digital barrier model yourself. The model for the illegal trafficking on firearms (in English) is published at that site. If you want access and for more information, please contact: