Barrier model for illegal trafficking of firearms

On the EUCPN Board Meeting (12-13 April 2019) the Dutch Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety (CCV) presented the barrier model for preventing illegal trafficking of firearms.

The model describes the steps that has to be taken to commit this kind of crime, the parties that facilitate illegal trafficking of firearms, the opportunities that make the crime possible and the signals that can be picked up to detect there is something wrong. It also shows the parties that will be able to tackle illegal trafficking and the barriers or interventions they can use.


What is a barrier model?

The barrier model helps you understand how a specific type of organized crime works. It creates order. It orders the business process of a form of organised crime and the complex world around it. It describes per business step which facilitators and opportunities there possibly are and what signals can be picked up. By mapping this information, you’ll notice which parties the network may consist of and what barriers can be put up.


Website and English models

At you can make your own digital barrier or you can have a look at the models that are already made. The language of the website is Dutch.

The models of illegal trafficking on firearms and organised property crime are also available in English. Please send a message to if you want to receive the English models.