Behind the door

The campaign "Behind the door", is made by the Ministry of Interior (the project leader) in cooperation with the Child and Youth Protection Center of  Zagreb and the Degordian agency, with the aim of raising public awareness on the effects of the current health situation and restrictions on vulnerable groups such as children at risk of abuse.

The campaign insight is simple, but very powerful. Children who have been abused during times of COVID-19 virus suffer the most because they have to live quarantined with their abuser. All relevant international organizations warn that there may be a risk of escalation, as well as the findings of scientific research into crisis violence. We have written and produced a campaign video which is currently being shown on all national and local TV stations in Croatia. It has also been adapted for radio stations and is being promoted there as well.

We have been thinking about what the campaign should communicate in order to maximally encourage people to report violence and abuse. We decided to implement this campaign using a child’s name as we believe that people would be more emotionally attached to the story this way (identifiable victim effect). We have selected the name "Mia" since it is the most common name given to baby girls in Croatia in the last three years. The voice-over text is written in the form of a narrative where this powerful message is immediately noticed — the little girl is alone behind closed doors with her abuser.

You can find the TV spot here:

Key visual
Key visual


  The visual is being promoted through social networks and various other online media. 

  We believe that this campaign is keeping with the goals of the EU, and we are sure that         through cooperation and hard work we can prevent any kind of abuse towards children.