Belgium: Mobile Stalking Alarm

The Mobile Stalking Alarm is initiated for victims of life-threatening partner violence in which the risk of serious stalking combined with physical violence and even family tragedies or femicides is real. The Mobile Stalking Alarm consists of a discreet alarm button that is linked to the emergency 112 app via Bluetooth. If the victim pushes the button when in danger, the 112 app launches an emergency call via the smartphone. In doing so, the alarm centre (112) sees that it is a stalking alarm and immediately transmits the necessary information, such as the victim's details, suspect's details, measures imposed, etc. The 112 app also transmits the location of the victim and can locate the victim when moving. This way, the police can intervene quickly and efficiently to avoid escalation and stop violence.

In May 2020, the Mobile Stalking Alarm project started as a pilot project in Ghent. In March 2022, the project was rolled out in East and West Flanders with the aim, after a positive evaluation, to roll it out in all of Belgium in 2022-2023.

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