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The aim of the presented project was to develop, implement and evaluate a new innovative educational and treatment intervention (called BENGALO) for young male offenders, who currently serve their closed custody sentence and have a history of aggression and addiction problems. The project was successfully implemented on the sociotherapeutic ward of the secure youth custody centre of the city of Hamburg at Hahnöfersand (Jugendstrafanstalt Hahnöfersand). The project was conducted by the German Centre for Addiction Research in Childhood and Adolescence and was funded by the Justizbehörde of the city of Hamburg (legal authority). The evaluation of BENGALO followed a non-randomized controlled design. The BENGALO intervention was delivered in weekly group sessions over six months. The BENGALO intervention intends to foster self-regulation, to reduce impulsive and aggressive behaviour and to motivate to abstain from substance use, which are key processes for illegal conduct. The evaluation showed significant effects on central outcomes.


The project ran from 01 October 2014 until 31July 2018 (funding period).
The work on detailed data analyses and further publication of results is still ongoing.

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