As a result of the success of STRESAVIORA I (2013-2015), local, regional, national and European experts expressed the need for wider implementation of the resilience training tools across Europe to provide broader knowledge to frontline workers and practitioners working with young people and parents.


 - update 26 April 2018 -

The BOUNCE project (STRESAVIORA II), funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the FPS Home Affairs of Belgium, officially ended on March 31, 2018.

The main objective of the project was the implementation and concrete use of the BOUNCE resilience tools at local level. 10 cities from 5 EU Member States (Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Sweden) were selected to serve as pilot cities to implement the BOUNCE tools and to evaluate their impact. The past year, approximately 100 people from the pilot cities were trained in the Bounce tools.

The final results of the research, carried out by Ghent University, have been presented on the expert workshop and final conference, on 13 and 14 Mars, in Brussels (Read more).

The short-term evaluation of BOUNCEUp has shown that the present project has been well appraised by the majority of participants in all ten pilot cities, but that certain deficiencies occur in the practical implementation of the BOUNCE tools.

On the new website, it is now possible to find a bottom-up database containing a large number of European projects working specifically on resilience, but more broadly, in the primary prevention of various forms of violent radicalism. It will also be possible for registered users to directly add initiatives on this database. A forum was also created in order to allow European participants to discuss and exchange experiences with each other.

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