Burglaries in dwellings – Forms of manifestation and prevention methods

The study presented by the Romanian Crime Research and Prevention Institute provides an analysis of the dimensions of burglary in dwellings (frequency of occurrence at national level, its dynamics (2005-2010), rural-urban disparities, territorial spreading etc.).

The need for this study came from the special social impact of this type of offence on the social climate of safety for citizens, on the feeling of safety harbored by the individuals, particularly that of the victims and of the members of the communities where such offences frequently occur.

Considering the fact that burglary represents an offence with a high social hazard, the need has become clear for an in-depth knowledge of this phenomenon, as well as to reveal the triggering mechanisms and the influencing factors, with the purpose tomost adequately devise preventive approaches of this segment of criminality.

The purpose of the study was to familiarize with this type of offence, with its forms of manifestation and with its influencing factors, in order to identify interventions towards increasing the safety level of citizens.


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