Children and young people's online life on the edge

Children and young people's online life on the edge – How do we prevent it from developing extremely?

The aim is to make an education programme to equip municipal professionals so they can be able to prevent extremism online among children and young people.

With the focus being on the mechanisms than can lead to extremism the education also deals with issues such as bullying, social grievances, exclusion and inclusion mechanisms, grooming, fake news and conspiracy theories. And with a huge aspect of including perspectives from parents and children.

The development of the education is based on a knowledge foundation of:

  • A desk research
  • A mapping of current research and practice initiatives in the Danish context
  • A qualitative study of professionals' educational needs and young people's experiences online
  • A co-creation workshop, where the participants with expert knowledge and practical experience in the field gave their bid for knowledge to the project.


The project started on February 2020 and is still running.

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