Community Policing - Nicosia within the walls

Community Policing - Nicosia within the walls


The existence of the green line and the buffer zone dividing Nicosia between the occupied areas of Cyprus, and the areas under the effective control of the republic of Cyprus, and the checkpoint of Ledra, has increased the opportunities for criminals to act in the area and flee to the occupied part of the island. Also the concurrence of different cultures has increased the need for a more diverse policing, including community policing.

Community police officers engage in mixed patrols – foot patrols, patrols on bicycles as well as car patrols in certain areas of Nicosia within the walls. They patrol on a five day basis, including weekends, morning and afternoon / evening according to specific rota, especially the two main shopping areas of Nicosia within the walls. Patrolling on foot and on the bicycle gives the advantage of easier access everywhere but also proximity to citizens who might like to report an incident.

The project is still in effect and running successfully. Further extension of its operation, was decided regarding one more area of the island, the seafront of Larnaca, apart from the other two earlier extensions (Limassol and Paphos seafront areas). Today, the project is manned with eight Community Police Officers on bikes (two in each District where it was implemented).

It is estimated that, the new project has positively contributed in many ways: therefore, it was decided to implement a new program based on that; the new program is called “Policing on Bicycles” and it began on 07/07/2017, on a pilot basis with 24 Police Officers for the summer months only, due to the great influx of visitors in all seafront areas of the island (Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos & Famagusta). The members of the new program are members of the Police, not ordinary citizens.

The program “Policing on Bicycles” is co-funded by the EU Internal Security Fund.


The project started in 2009 ans is still running.
Last review: October 2017.


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