Crime against businesses: Headline findings from the 2013 Commercial Victimisation Survey

This is the first release of data from the 2013Commercial Victimisation Survey (CVS),which examinesthe extent of crime against businesses in England and Wales. The CVS was previously run in 1994, 2002and 2012, andis planned to be repeated in2014. The 2013 CVS focused on premises in four industry sectors defined by the UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007(SIC). These were sections A (agriculture, forestry and fishing), G (wholesale and retail trade), I (accommodation and food services activities) and R (arts, entertainment and recreation). Between them, these foursectors account for just over one-thirdof all business premises in England and Wales.Two of the four sectors included in the 2013 survey were also included in the 2012 survey. This has allowedcomparisons with 2012 for the wholesale and retail and the accommodation and food sectors, while enablinga broader understanding of the types of crimes that affect other business sectors by including the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector and the arts, entertainment and recreation sector for the first time. These decisions were made following discussions with the CVS Steering Group and in response to user needs.As thedevelopment of the methodology and coverage of the CVS continues, results presented in this release comparing data from different survey years should be treated with cautiondue to the small sample size of the survey. All sectors have small sample sizesand, as such, have wide confidence intervals. In order to determine real changes in the business population, there would need to be largechanges in estimates. It is thereforelikely that truetrends will only become apparent over the longerterm.

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