Crime Prevention in Prague 11 and Prague 12

The main objective of the project is to avoid that the members of target groups come across the hazardous phenomena which lead to illegal activities. They must be clearly informed about the consequences of their actions, punitive charges, they must learn other behavioral patterns which would avoid they a conflict with the law and finally prevent other illegal activities.

Other objectives:

  • Development of non-criminal behavioral patterns and strengthening the accountability for themselves and their behavior
  • Creating a positive value orientation
  • Offering a place where they can safely spend their leisure time
  • Strengthening the capacity to accept the social rules and standards
  • Informing the target groups about the consequences of their lifestyle
  • Training of model situations leading to a cutback of conflicts with the law
  • Cooperation with the authorities of the social and legal protection of children
  • Cooperation with the police on the elimination of socially undesirable phenomena
  • To be the first in noticing the new trends among teenagers and to prevent their transformation into illegal activities in a timely manner


The project started in 2006 and is now finished.
Last review: January 2020


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