Crime Prevention Week

Crime Prevention Week is a national project of intense pro-active endeavours initiated and developed by the Romanian Police. Its main objectives are:

  • To inform citizens about the diverse forms of manifestation of various crimes and about the elemnetary safety measures against perpetrators that should be adopted;
  • To increase the level of awareness amongst citizens regarding the neccesity to adopt safety measures against victimization;
  • To inform citizens on the legal consequences of committing a crime.


The project activities were developed by all departments of the Romanian National Police, in collaboration with other main actors in the field (public authorities on national and local levels, NGO-s, the media, and consisted mainly in:

  • Target group information sessions;
  • Debates with parents and educators;
  • Public information activities (markets, bus stations, fairs, commercial centres, parking lots);
  • Prezentations of short educational films;
  • Using theatre to artistically demonstrate modus operandi;
  • Involving youth in cultural,artistic, sports endeavours as alternatives of leasure time thus preventing them from engaging in committing crimes;
  • Crime simulation exercises (ex. Theft, mugging, traffic accident);
  • Thematic exhibitions, marches, contests;
  • Participation in radio and Tv shows.


As a result of the success of the project in over 10 years of implementation, starting with 2017 the project has been decided to have 2 annual editions, one in April and the second in October each year.

Each day of the Crime Prevention Week was dedicated to one of the most relevant phenomena in crime prevention, respectively: juvenile delincquency, child victimization, property crimes, domestic violence and road traffic safety.

Thus, the project resulted in over 23.000 activities developed nationwide, with an average/day  participation of 2.600 law enforcement officers, alongside of over 7.000 specialists reprezenting the partner organizations. A total number of over 600.000 persons – students, educators, women, seniors, drivers, etc benefitted from the information offerred by law enforcement on the main topics of the project.


The project started in 2005 and is carried out annually.
Last review: January 2020.


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