CRIME SCENE – AUTUMN FLOWERS crime prevention programme was a unique initiative in Hungary.

The Bács-Kiskun County Police Department and the Katona József Theatre worked out the project that is a 90-minute-long play for elderly people. The play contained 3 different crime stories adapted for crime prevention purposes. After the play the audience took part in an evaluation process where they discussed the story, told their own experiences and put questions to the officers.

The innovation of the programme was the venue –the theatre – and its special tools used for crime prevention purposes. The chamber theatre with its tight space and the professional performance of the actors helped spectators become part of the story and fully comprehend the situation, recognise the possible solutions in different crime related situations.

The post-scene evaluation helped the learning process, participants got additional information about possible threat situations, how to avoid them and they also got answers to their questions.


The Project started in November 2015 and was finished in May 2016.
Last review: January 2020.


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