Cyber jungle

Cyber jungle


"Cyber jungle" preventive program is an initiative aimed at children and young people and their carers. The program is designed to raise the level of safety. It is carried out in a form of meetings and workshops with children, youth and their parents, carers and teachers. A simple, accessible language and talks about difficult issues are one of the advantages of the program. The people conducting the meetings communicate content tailored to the age and educational level of the audience. The project consists of several components. The first task is to improve awareness of the risks associated with the Internet use by children and young people as well as improving the safety of its users. The second element is to activate parental control over children who use the Internet and develop mechanisms for joint use of it by children and their caregivers. The third one is to improve relations inside the family and build the authority of the parent who is familiar with the specifics of virtual environments of the youth. This way he/she becomes a partner for the teenager in a conversation about the problems.


The Project started in April 2008 and is still running.
Last review: December 2015.


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