Cyberscout Program



Cyberscout program is two-day training on online safety for children in fifth grade (aged 11-12). The training uses an interactive methodology developed by experts of Bulgarian SIC, which has been upgraded regularly. The children are also trained for peer trainers using the peer-to-peer method, so that the knowledge can reach as many children as possible.

All eligible schools across the country can apply for Cyberscout training. The training is free of charge for the trained children and for the school, which provides a bail for such training.

The mission of the Cyberscout program is to create a community of children and young people all over Bulgaria who demonstrate responsible and safe online behaviour and promote it among their peers. Certified Cyberscout is a trained student who:

  1. Provides an example of safe and responsible online behaviour to their peers.
  2. Advise their peers to a problem on the Internet.
  3. Organizes and conducts public activities aimed at their peers.

The training methodology is based on the principles of autonomy, learning by experience and learning through co-experience. The successful cyber-learning students have been awarded a certificate and have the opportunity to participate in a competition with trained students from other settlements and schools in preparing and conducting peer-focused activities. Cyberscouts can form squads to conduct their own initiative. A special jury defines the three best activities and the students taking part in them are awarded at a solemn ceremony in Sofia on Safer Internet Day in February each year. Parallel to the competition, teams are given the opportunity to participate in monthly missions to develop their Cybersout skills.


The program started in 2015 and is still running.


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