Cypriot Policy on Domestic Violence

The Advisory Committee for the Prevention and Combating of Violence in the Family is the coordinating body for dealing with Domestic Violence issues in Cyprus and aims at implementing the violence in the family law in order to achieve the total prevention and eradication of violence in the family. Its members include governmental and non-governmental organizations. The Cyprus Police is one of the members of the Committee.

The Advisory Committee drafted the interdisciplinary procedures to be followed by the various Services in cases of Domestic Violence (later adopted by the Council of Ministers). It also promotes initiatives for the prevention of domestic violence.

The Police carry out campaigns, inform people on the legislation regarding domestic violence and on the support and services they may use in such cases. Various brochures, posters and radio/TV messages have been issued for this purpose.

Police officers are informed about the legislation and the procedures to be followed in cases of domestic violence, while at the same time, they are trained on the psycho-social aspects and dynamics of domestic violence.