Cypriot Policy on Public perception of safety

The Cyprus Police has adopted the Community Policing Program, which has been in effect since 2003. The program aims at instilling feelings of safety and security amongst the population. Neighborhood Police Officers cooperate closely and have direct contact with community members, proceed to immediate intervention in cases of criminal activities, help solve various problems and show personal interest in the well-being of the citizens in their area they are assigned. The overall goal, is to achieve the highest possible sense of safety and security among the community.

The Cyprus Police, seeing the success / efficiency of the program, has decided to expand the whole program in other areas of the island. In addition to the vehicle patrols and patrols on foot, the Neighborhood Police Officers now patrol by bicycle as well, in busy seafront areas where there are a lot of tourists and businesses that cater to them, especially in the summer. The patrols can particularly target specific high risk areas, but are also conducted on a routine basis. During patrols, officers are given instructions to encourage positive cooperation with the law abiding public, as well as to enforce the law whenever needed.

The Police continuously strives to improve their procedures and the services it offers to the public. The public perception of safety, is one of the main goals of the Strategic Planning of the Cyprus Police. This goal includes issues such as the time needed for the police to arrive at a crime scene, the punctuality in terms of informing the victims about their case, through written / verbal communication, speedier investigation and completion of the criminal cases and filing them before the court and so on.