Cypriot Policy on Public perception of safety

Cyprus Police established Community Policing in 2003, aiming to instil feelings of safety and security amongst the population.  Community Police officers, via their  presence in the Communities, close cooperation and direct contact with people in the Communities, immediate intervention in cases of criminal activities, problem solving, and personal interest in the wellbeing of the citizens of his/her areas were deemed important in achieving the feeling of safety amongst people.

Cyprus Police complements the work done by Community Police, by increasing police presence in the communities, via patrols around the island (both mechanised and on foot).  These patrols are carried out on a routine basis at any place, but also targeted at specific high risk areas. During patrols, officers are given instructions to encourage positive cooperation with the law abiding public, as well as enforce the law wherever needed.  Cooperation with the public is achieved on an informal basis but also on a more organised formal way via the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme applied in various areas of the island.

While working for its exterior image, the Police continuously strive to improve their procedures and improve the services they offer to the public.  Public perception of safety is one of the main goals of the Strategic Plan of the Police in Cyprus.  It includes issues such as the time needed to reach a crime scene, the punctuality in terms of informing victims on their case through written / verbal communication, speedier investigation and completion of criminal cases and filing them before the court and so on.