Cypriot Policy on Robbery

The Police inform the public about the measures they can take to protect themselves from being victimized, both on an individual level and on the level of organized social groups. Information is provided via the Cyprus Police website, the mass media, through brochures and personal visits by the Community Police Officers and through public lectures.

High risk buildings, such as bank establishments and Goldsmith’s shops are inspected on a regular basis, in collaboration with the Police in order to ensure their safety against robberies.

Other high risk establishments such as 24hr convenience stores and 24hr baker’s shops are given support by increased vehicle and foot patrols.

Furthermore, the Cyprus Police has successfully achieved the promotion and implementation of crime prevention programs, such as the “Neighborhood Watch Program”, with active participation of citizens, where the watchers (citizens) are asked to be on alert, for anything suspicious, since they are the eyes and ears of the Police, who cannot be present everywhere.

In conjunction with the above, police officers are trained and encouraged to engage in information gathering while specially assigned personnel are responsible for assessing the information and submitting it to the right police departments where it will be acted upon. In the same context, the public inform the police of anything suspicious that needs to be looked into.

Members of the police are continuously trained / informed on new developments, while they also undergo refresher courses on various issues, ensuring that they are all the time, up to date and able to give their best performance.

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