Cypriot Policy on Vehicle crime

Cyprus Police periodically issues advice on prevention of car theft, which is the main category in vehicle crime, while also distributing brochures that advise people of the measures they can take for the protection of their vehicle.

Because of the fact that vehicle thefts are numerically important, and because stolen vehicles may be used for other illegal activities, Cyprus Police has included a separate section on its website, especially for the list of  Stolen / wanted vehicles, which is posted bimonthly aiming to inform the public and asking for their cooperation. 

On the same website, there is a list of car registration signs that have been stolen.

At the same time there is an SMS alert system installed, which sends out a message to all members of the police on their mobile phone, whenever a car / motorbike is stolen / wanted, messages that are especially important to have in mind while patrolling the streets.