Czech Republic Policy on Domestic Violence

For many years, domestic violence has been one of the top legislative priorities of the key Government ministries (primarily the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of education, youth, and sports, Ministry of justice, and Ministry of health). The above ministries have launched active and close interdisciplinary cooperation with many different NGOs. The Czech Republic is a signatory of many international instruments promoting prevention of domestic violence, gender equality, and protection of women against violence (International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, etc.) 

The activities of the Ministry of Interior in the area of combating and preventing domestic violence are guided by the Government priorities and activities in promoting gender equality (approved as a Government Decree No. 26/2004). Since 1998, the Government amends it Priorities annually. Measures to implement all tasks stipulated thereby are approved by ways of Government decrees (the last of those being Government Decree No 533 of May 4, 2005). One of the priorities for 2006 was domestic violence and, in particular, police interventions in combating this type of crime. Members of the Police force have received and will keep receiving training in the implementation of the new legislation and its provisions to protect victims (perpetrator expulsion see links to relevant legislation) and special training will be provided to attendees and instructors at police colleges. 


Click here to access a copy of the final report of the Czech Republic on the national activities within the Council of Europe campaign to combat violence against women, including domestic violence.