Czech Republic: Special Interrogation Rooms

The main purpose of the Special Interrogation Rooms (SIR) is to avoid secondary victimization as they allow to conduct the interrogation in a more sensitive environment and with trained professionals. The setting allows the victim to better connect with the interrogator and available demonstration aids (eg. anatomic puppets) help victims to communicate what happened to them. The most important aspect is that all the necessary people are present in an adjacent observation room and can ask further questions through the interrogator. This means that the interrogation is less traumatic for the victim and as everything is thoroughly documented and recorded, the victim has to undergo the interrogation only once as in most cases the recording is accepted by the courts.

First SIRs in the Czech Republic were bulit in 2004 in two cities. Since 2007, the Ministery of the Interior was allocating funds for additional SIRs that now total 80 rooms all over the country.

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