"D.A.D.A." - Primary School Crime Prevention Education Program of the Police

Police officers in uniform provide in class information for children from 6–14 years of age (primary school pupils) about the most proper methods of tackling deviant behaviour providing protection against effects of crime. Children participating in the project develop readiness to safeguard themselves against the adverse effects of crime on their personal safety.

Examples of risks of getting victimised or becoming criminals based on practical experiences are included in the teaching material. In the course of the program children develop sufficient skill to identify the threats and either to avoid getting involved in crime or come to the least harm possible. They are also supposed to be able to openly communicate with those in charge of them (parents, teachers etc.) and inform them of the threats experienced seeking further assistance.

The curricula have been renewed in 2010.

Pol. Lt. Col. Agnes NEMETH
Hungarian National Police Headquarters
Head of Crime Prevention Department


The project started in 1992 and is still running.
Last review: January 2020.