Developing crime sustainable communities through local partnerships

It is intended that these resources will help non-experts to develop a view of the breadth of the crime prevention and sustainable communities’ agenda and how this affects their ability to contribute, especially through the LSP. The resource contains a number of web links and other contact addresses where further information can be found. Because no two LSPs are the same or are dealing with identical local issues, we have not attempted to provide a single resource to cover all needs. Instead we have signposted a number of current priorities, looked at generic issues and provided illustrations that exemplify effective practice or raise challenging issues. Finally we have provided a number of specimen questions intended to help people examine their own organisation.

The resource includes the following free-standing sections:

Section 1
This is an overview of the overall policy framework specific to LSPs, Local Area Agreement (LAA) and Sustainable Communities Strategies (SCS)contribution to the crime reduction agenda.

Section 2
This section providessignposting to what can only be a sample of thecrime reduction related materials and initiatives relevant to LSPs and found on Home Office (HO) and Government Office East Midlands (GOEM) and other regional websites. Whilst we have tried to make sure these are up-to-date, it is the nature of this work that changes are made all the time. Section 3 This comprises a focussed scenario based on youth and crime – using a real situation to explore how different agencies would respond to a multi-dimensional and multi-agency issue.

Section 4
This is a case study illustrating multi-agency integrated working on Anti-Social Behaviour.

Section 5
This section poses a selection of specimen questions that LSPs might choose to ask about how they operate in crime prevention policies. Many of these questions came out of a practitioner networking workshop held in June 2006.

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