Domestic violence prevention change of practice and legislation in the Czech Republic 2001-2006

More than 5-year systematic project was realised by Bil kruh bezpeč (BKB) - White Circle of Safety, NGO

Initial impulse:

  • source based on empirical evidence of BKB monitoring
  • high number of clients (36%) threatened by domestic violence
  • no state systematic policy
  • opinion stereotypes domestic violence is a personal affair
  • fundamental barriers regarding detection and prosecution of domestic violence

1st Stage:
Representative research within respondents of age 15 and more focused on awareness campaign, attitudes and personal experience with domestic violence

  • minimally 16 % of respondents become domestic violence victims in the course of their lives
  • majority of respondents agreed with state intervention
  • outcome - mandate to see changes in public opinion

2nd Stage:
Establishment of Dona Helpline - support to victims, operating 24 hours a day

  • qualified assistance and support for domestic violence victims (up to present more than 21 000 calls), an integral part of campaign
  • launching of the project was supported by mass media promotional campaigns (advertising spots, promotional billboards, editorial support)

3rd Stage: 2003-2004

The Interdisciplinary Cooperation Project, pilot model combining medical, social and police assistance for detection and prosecution of domestic violence in the town of Ostrava

  • BKB coordinator of the project, supported by 11 institutions (Police Headquarters, Municipal police, Municipal council, Crisis centre for children, Social workers division, Charitas shelter, general practitioners)
  • Successful project transferred to other towns, publicity of the project disseminated by BKB to all districts via meetings and lectures
  • output  even maximum practice cannot sufficiently protect victims
  • urgent needs of significant legislative changes

4th Stage: October 2002
The Parliament of the Czech Republic, Chamber of Deputies  Founding of The Alliance Against Domestic Violence and The Expert group at the Alliance

  • the Alliance was established in order to contribute to building of a full-coverage reaction system to domestic violence, specifically its prevention, timely detection, efficient intervention and repression
  • the Expert group started working on a new legislative proposal in order to protect society against domestic violence with complex of preventive measures
  • manuals and leaflets for professional public
  • the Bill for protection against domestic violence in the CZE discussed, approved and taking into effect on January 1st 2007

5th Stage:
Methodological measures, training of all experts who come into contact with domestic violence, communication with the professional public

  • BKB as the project manager developed necessary tools, measures and methodology for implementation of the new methods into theory and practice
  • BKB created lectors fund  power point presentation and manuals for professionals who come into contact with domestic violence for 7 specialisations (police, doctors, social workers)
  • BKB transferred (from abroad) SARA DV diagnostic method for the police officers and judges in order to asses the jeopardy of danger to victims

6th Stage:
BKB as the project manager with the assistance of Ministry of Labour and social affairs and The Hetman Association helped to set up the regional interventional centres

  • trained and co-ordinated the workers of the centres and monitored their activities
  • after 6 months analyses an explicit output  in the CZE fundamentally improved situation of awareness and effective protection of DV victims


Petra Vitouov, the President


The project started in 2001 and is now finished.
Last review: January 2020


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