Don’t do! Don’t tolerate! (Together for the future)

Don’t do! Don’t tolerate! (Together for the future)

This project aimed at controlling and eliminating school violence, providing teachers with effective conflict resolution and communication techniques and in particular, reaching the students themselves. The project is based on a complex community conflict management method aimed at prevention of crime related to juvenile delinquency and in this regard also in connection with burglaries. The project is also aimed at raising awareness both within the target groups and the relevant professionals, and helps to be able to understand each other’s perspective.

The eight modules are closely connected to each other. Each programme element served as a motivation for the target groups, since both teachers and students felt that they receive help for managing their everyday tasks and there is someone to turn to. During the project period a common email list was created on the basis of the participants’ email addresses, which facilitates the continuous communication with them.

Local organisations of the Roma minority also joined the project because everyone realised the importance of offering solutions for difficult situations of arising tension between different cultures, as in many other countries this phenomenon also exists in Hungary.

These tools were not restricted to traditional techniques. They also added arts, humour and drama.


László Oláh, police major
Head of the Crime Prevention Department of the Budapest Police Headquarters


The project started in 2011 and is now finished.
Last review: January 2020.


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