Drugs – the way into the darkness

THE DARK TRIP – is a modern drug multimedia theatre performance, DRUGS WAY INTO THE DARKNESS. It is an autobiographical play - a story that the actor Martin Žák lived, wrote and passes on. The main idea of a multimedia theatrical production is drugs and drug prevention presented in an attractive and motivating way, which in addition to prevention provides hope for a better life, has a therapeutic and resocializing effect.

THE LIGHT TRIP - is a continuation of THE DARK TRIP and is a continuation of our drug prevention. It encourages young people to discover, develop talent and make meaningful help to others, bringing joy and strength to overcome obstacles in life. Its inspiration helps and guides pupils and youth to find their place in life and society. It motivates social feeling, leads to empathy and the right approach to the disabled, socially disadvantaged and shows the hope and example of the application of talent in practice and life. As an effective tool for prevention, therapy and education, art encourages values that are strong in nature.

AFTER PARTY - MODERN MODERATED FOLLOW-UP MEETING - Follows the theatrical performances THE DARK TRIP and THE LIGHT TRIP. Interconnecting theatrical experiences, performances, humour, music, discussion, experts as friends, young people, many of whom have gone through drug hell, survived and found the meaning of life in discovering their talent and direction, which made them happy


The project started in September 2014 and ran until 31 December 2019.

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