Dutch Policy on Vehicle crime

The Dutch government works together with corporate organisations to combat vehicle crime. Together these parties have installed the Foundation for Tackling Vehicle crime (AVc). This type of private/public cooperation makes for a more professional stance against vehicle crime.

The mode of operation of the AVc foundation is important for its success.

  • All parties involved are represented at the highest managerial level. They make up the foundations committee, but once a project has been agreed it is the director who has the final say.
  • Parties have one common goal: reducing vehicle theft. 
  • The foundations committee decides upon action-focused programmes: not extensive policy outlines
  • Parties carry out their own implementation: the foundation has limited manpower: just enough to co-ordinate the designated approach; the implementation is carried out by the parties themselves and by their own expert outfits.
  • Financing is straightforward: each party contributes financially to cover the costs of the staff.
  • There is only one mouthpiece: the task of addressing the media and other publicity contacts is carried out by the director of the foundation.
  • Shared analyses of the problem and trends: carried out by the foundations staff, not by individual parties.

The AVc programme contains specific projects for various problems, such as illegal trade, transport crime, bicycle theft, boat theft, theft “out of and from” vehicles, young cars, mopeds, certification of preventive techniques and illegal parts.

More information on AVc may be found here: http://stavc.nl/

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