E-Safetyis a national certified project dealing with a comprehensive solution to the issue of risky behaviour on the Internet. It specializes in prevention, education, research and intervention. Topics:

  • a) cyberbullying and sexting,
  • b) cybergrooming ,
  • c) cyberstalking and stalking,
  • d) risks of social networks and other potentially risky virtual environments,
  • e) misuse of personal data in an electronic media,
  • f) netolism.

The basic starting point of the project is field work with various target groups, lectures, implementation of preventive educational events, etc. Lectures/discussions map specific hazardous phenomena, offers the possibility of prevention strategies and defences against invaders. The target groups of the project are primary school pupils (aged 8 years), teachers, social phenomena prevention officers etc.

Annually about 6,500 pupils and students, 500 parents and 300 teachers pass through project training. Annually, the project team implements 150-200 training events. Total of 33 000 pupils underwent E-Bezpeci project training.


The Project started in January 2008 and is still running.
Last review: January 2020.