Elderly in Security Project

The GNR, through the Special Community-oriented Policing Programmes, has developed activities markedly of social nature in the field of human rights, in order to protect the vulnerable victims of crime, mainly the elderly.

To achieve this goal, since 2011 the GNR has been developing the “Senior Census” Project that aims to make geo-referencing and identify the number of elderly citizens who are isolated and/or live alone, covering the entire national territory, signalling in 2017, 45.516 elderly (started in 2011 with 15.596 elderly).

This geo-referencing allows the GNR to target the patrolling effort and respond more effectively to the demands of elderly citizens in in situations of greater vulnerability.

This project simultaneously includes two other important objectives, promote awareness campaigns, warning the elderly citizens about risk behaviours, and signal the elderly who are in worse welfare conditions, and refer such cases to the Local Social Support institutions.


The project started in January 2011 and is still running.


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