Estonia: SA Kiusamisvaba Kool (The Bullying-Free School)

The Foundation is offering an evidence-based anti-bullying Programme KiVa developed in the University of Turku in Finland, to Estonian schools since 2013. The Programme is currently in 108 (22%) schools all over Estonia - involving more than 30 000 students. The ambition is to increase the number in 5-year perspective to 50% of schools. Additionally the organisation has locally established a thorough support system to schools via mentoring service, additional in-service training courses, consultation service through a network of 15 Estonian trainers, most of who are certified as KiVa trainers in Turku University. Organisation closely collaborates with Estonian ministries and policy makers as well as private sector and Estonian citizens, and is recognised by increasing public awareness among local society.

SA Kiusamisvaba Kool (The Bullying-Free School Foundation) was founded in 2012, the project is continuous.

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