Estonian Policy on Domestic Violence

Since 2001, several studies have been conducted to dwell into the essence, causes, consequences and possible solutions of domestic violence. As a conclusion, it is now accepted more widely in the society that domestic violence is not only something between the offender and the victim but rather it is up to the state to intervene. There are 28 people working for the national victim support programme that offer emotional support, information on where to find help and assist in communicating with various organisations. There is a contact person in every county and they also help in cases that are never reported to the police. There are around 14 shelters for domestic violence victims. Most of the services for victims are offered by project-based NGOs.

In February 2015 Estonian Government approved Strategy for Preventing Violence for the years 2015-2020. The Strategy for Preventing Violence in 2015–2020 addresses violence between persons and does not discuss violence against oneself or collective violence. The Strategy encompasses violence between children, abuse of children, domestic violence (intimate partner violence), sexual violence and trafficking in human beings. See more at:

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