Estonian Policy on Youth crime

Dealing with juvenile issues in criminal justice system is one of the priority issues in Estonian criminal policy since august 2005, when ministers of Interior and Justice stated this to be one of the most prioritised subjects in the work of prosecutors and police officers.

In April 2010 Estonian Government approved Developmental Plan for Reducing Violence for the years 2010-2014 (link is external), and one of the goals is to prevent violent crimes committed against children and also by juveniles. Strategy for Preventing Violence for the years 2015-2020 has been adopted by the government in February 2015 and both focuses are still relevant. As nearly 80% of the sexual crimes are done against children, then special attention is put for prevention of sexual violence against children, also to the domestic violence cases where children are involved and also to the child friendly justice and family-based programmes for the youth who have committed crimes.

All the related materials are uploaded in criminal policy website: (link is external) (in estonian).

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