EU Policy Cycle

The completion of the internal market and the abolition of internal border controls within the countries of the European Community have created an increasing internal market within the EU. Technological and commercial developments have reduced national trade barriers, widened the transportation infrastructures and bolstered volumes of international business, also, the Internet and extensive cellular telephone networks have promoted fast communication. These developments have greatly contributed to the welfare of the EU. However the other side of these developments is the easiness in which organized criminal groups use this open space to extend their criminal activities.

In order to combat this growing organized criminality, the EU has come up with a multiannual Policy Cycle which coordinates the measures taken to prevent and combat this serious and organized crime. The following article explains you what the EU Policy Cycle is, how it works, what the current developments are for the next Policy Cycle 2018-2021 and the article also goes further into a new development which is including prevention into the Policy Cycle.


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