EUCPN Newsletter April 2016

This is the EUCPN Newsletter of April 2016.


New products EUCPN

  • EUCPN Annual Report 2015
  • Dutch EUCPN Conference on Trafficking of Illegal Firearms

Research and publications

  • THE NETHERLANDS: Crime Drop Netherlands
  • ESTONIA: CPTED Manual for Police Officers
  • European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS): Police-population relations: Challenges, Local Practices and Recommendations
  • EUROPOL: Work Programme 2016; 
    2016 EU Drug Markets Report
  • UNICEF: Genital Mutilation/Cutting
  • European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights (FRA): Professionally speaking: challenges to achieving equality for LGBT people.
  • Severe labour exploitation: workers moving within or into the European Union
  • Transparency International: Open data to fight corruption – Case study: The EU and lobbying
  • European Parliament: The Future of EU Defence Research;
    The Proposal for a European Border and Coast Guard: Evolution or Revolution in External Boarder Management?
  • European Commission: The 2016 EU Justice Scoreboard
  • Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC): Non-Offending Parents as Secondary Victims of Child Sexual Assault

Member States' good practices

  • FRANCE: Simplon
  • CORDIS: A closer look at how European cities integrate immigrants
  • SPAIN: Firearms Empact Strategic Meeting
  • THE NETHERLANDS: Barrier model for illegal trafficking of firearms
  • HUNGARY: Don’t only teach, but entertain!

Upcoming events