EUCPN Newsletter April 2018

This is the EUCPN Newsletter of April 2018.


EUCPN output

  • New logo
  • Toolbox nr. 11 - Prevention of pickpocketing within the EU – policies & practices
  • Toolbox 12 - Cybersecurity and Safety Policy and best practices
  • Meeting of National Crime Prevention Councils
  • Funding: EU ongoing calls

Policy, publications and research

  • ENAA
  • EUROPOL: MTIC fraud investigation and LEA's cooperation improving
  • ROMANIA: Online child safety study
  • THE NETHERLANDS: Neighbourhood watch publications

Member States' good practices

  • AUSTRIA: The Granny Scam
  • BELGIUM: Strengthening Resilience against Violent Radicalisation (STRESAVIORA II)
  • CZECH REPUBLIC: The Czech elderly don’t swallow the bait
  • GREECE: European & Development Programmes Agency’s Projects; 
    awareness Campaign regarding the crime of fraud and phone scams by the Hellenic Police
  • ROMANIA: The Price of Friendship Project
  • SLOVAKIA: Conference “The protection of Life and Health under the Criminal Law”; 
    Local Civil Neighborhood Watch - Miestna Občianska Poriadkova Služba (MOPS)

Upcoming events